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This page lists some stuffs that I’ve collected due to personal interests. I archived them here because I had failed to find them elsewhere — most likely, they existed somewhere but not in the format I wanted.


Buzz logs from some tech communities I’m, or was, interested in. They are automatically collected, pushed to github repos, and made viewable via github’s pages service. Currently, both IRC and twitter1 logs are supported, other log formats (e.g. github project updates) might get added in the future.

  1. Proper pretty-printing of twitter logs demands customized jekyll extensions or extra pygments modes, which is disallowed by github pages service. Another solution is to transform the logs into static pages locally, which I always hesitate to do. As of now, I simply reuse the IRC logs’ highlighting on twitter logs as well. Despite being a bit awkward on format (e.g. no links), it can just serve my simple purpose of non-real-time tracking.

  2. This service has ceased since 2011-01-26 on request from F# community on freenode.